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SNS-209™ provides a barrier for plants to protect them against damaging insects. The SNS-209™ barrier is harmless to the plant but distasteful to mites and other insects.

SNS-209™ Systemic Insect Control is made up of 100% pure botanical extracts that are highly water soluble. The botanical extracts are all food grade GRAS (generally recognized as safe) materials.

SNS-209™ Systemic Insect Control is exempt from EPA registration under minimum risk pesticide exempted under FIFRA section 25(b).

How It Works

Spider mites, White flies, Nematodes, Scales and other insects destroy plant cells by sucking out their fluids or chewing up the cell walls. SNS-209™’s unique formula works by allowing the plant to uptake a small amount of rosemeric acid from the rosemary plant. As the plant distributes the rosemeric acid throughout its cell walls, a barrier is soon constructed. When an insect starts to suck or chew on the plant it comes in contact with the rosemeric acid and causes the insect to stop eating and move on.


The first advantage is long term control. A foliar application of an insecticide is constantly exposed to the elements. Rainfall, irrigation and sunlight all play a part in the dilution of the insecticide. A systemic product is protected by the elements because it remains inside the plant's leaves, stems or blades.

The second advantage of systemic insecticides over conventional insecticides is that the entire plant is protected from attack by insects, grubs, mites. Root systems, stems and leaf portions of the plant all contain a small amount of SNS-209™, not just the leaf surface.


SNS-209™ Systemic Insect Control can be used on a wide variety of plants, vegetables, and even trees. SNS-209™ Systemic Insect Control can be used on fruits, vegetables, and plants including apples, apricots, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cherries, chives, corn, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, parsley, fuchsia, roses, flowers, houseplants, etc.

Applying SNS-209™ is easy, adding it every time you water or fertilize.

Just 2 mL per liter is enough to start giving your plants the protective edge against insects. Over the course of several days of adding SNS-209™ to your water or fertilizer regiment, your plants will accumulate rosemary (rosemeric acid) throughout the plant. As the insects try to draw out any fluids, it will not taste the same and they will leave. You will notice that the insects will stay away from this plant as they try to find another.

Discontinue using SNS-209™ in the water or fertilizing regiment one to two weeks before harvest and allow the rosemary to flush out of your plants naturally.

Directions for Mix and Use

Shake Well Before Use. Mix two milliliters (2 mL) of SNS-209™ All Natural Systemic Pest Control to one liter (1000 mL) of water. Mix well until solution has a light brown tint with little foam on top. Mixed solution may be stored or used immediately. For best results use warm (70 degree) Distilled or “Chlorine Free” Water. Directions for Use, Gently feed mixed SNS-209™ contents directly onto the root area of plants. Drench area thoroughly to contact as much of the root area as possible. Allow mixture to flow through completely. For best results use SNS-209™ with your regular watering or fertilizing schedule. The roots will absorb the SNS-209™ mixture and apply it throughout the plant creating a pest barrier. When you notice insects starting to avoid your plant you may discontinue use. Thoroughly wash all food areas and food materials contacted with soap and water. Do not use near heat or open flame. Store in cool location out of direct sunlight. Do not freeze.

Available in Pints and Gallons.

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